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Burglar Proof Systems For Homes

At Ray Fit Out, we understand the importance of ensuring a building security. That's why we provide cutting-edge anti-burglary systems tailored for contemporary structures as well as heritage buildings. Our solutions not only elevate security measures but also seamlessly integrate with diverse architectural designs. These systems are more than just locks and bolts; they represent a history of protection, strengthened by Ray's dedication to innovation and perfection. Burglar-resistant technologies have evolved dramatically, much like the services provided by Ray Fit Out which include state-of-the-art security installations that are custom-designed to meet the specific needs of each location.


The significance of these systems extends beyond the physical protection of assets; they represent the psychological comfort that comes from believing one's refuge is unbreakable.  As we delve into the complexities of these systems, we begin on a journey through time and technology, investigating the never-ending pursuit of security that has defined our society. Let us begin by tracing the growth of these technologies, recognizing their critical role in protecting our homes, and appreciating the calm they bring into our lives, a purpose that we continue with unbreakable dedication.

Burglar proof system in interior
Burglar resistant in homes
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Burglar proof Systems:
The ultimate security upgrade

Burglar Proof systems

Strengthening Safeguards: Exploring Burglar-Resistant Windows and Doors

In terms of home security, the windows and doors serve as both the first impression and the first line of defense. Burglar resistant windows and doors are crucial in protecting our houses against intruders. Let's look at the many designs and materials that go into these walls of protection, as well as the range of products that stand between our cherished sanctuaries and the threats of the outside world.


Designs That Defend: The design of burglar resistant windows and doors is a blend of form and function. From the classic charm of lattice windows to the sleek minimalism of modern sliding doors, each design is crafted not only to complement the architectural style but also to confound would-be intruders. The options are vast:


Fixed Glazing: Offers unyielding barriers that are often paired with other operable windows.


Turning and Tilt-and-Turn Windows: Provide ventilation while maintaining security.


Sliding Doors: Merge indoor and outdoor spaces with ease, without compromising on safety.

Materials That Matter: The strength of burglar resistant windows and doors lies in their materials. Ray Fit Out, for instance, offers glass that is not just resistant but also bulletproof, providing peace of mind against even the most determined of threats. Their glass ranges from RC2 to RC4, with each level offering increased resistance time—from a few minutes to a formidable ten minutes against experienced burglars.

Burglarproof Glass made in germany

Comparing The Market

When comparing different types of burglar resistant products, it’s essential to consider the resistance class. The European standard EN 1627 categorizes resistance into classes RC1 to RC6, with higher numbers indicating stronger resistance to burglary attempts. While RC1 offers minimal protection, classes like RC3 and RC4 provide significant resistance, suitable for private residences and higher-risk facilities.

Whether you’re looking to secure a quaint cottage or a sprawling estate, the right combination of design and material in burglar resistant windows and doors can provide both aesthetic appeal and unmatched security. With advancements in technology and a range of products to suit every need, you can rest assured that your home is well-protected, allowing you to sit back and relax within your personal haven.

Burglar resistant glass for windows

Our Services


Residential Burglar Proof 

Over 70% of burglaries involve forced entry through windows or doors. Standard glass offers little resistance, often succumbing to simple tools. Our security solutions strengthen your home’s vulnerable points with advanced burglar-proof glass and films, available in various security levels to match your needs. 


Burglar-Resistant Glass Glazing

Consider our burglar-resistant glazing for windows and doors. This ultra-strong laminate strengthens the glass significantly, making it resistant to shattering even under heavy attacks. This extra time gives you and others inside the chance to call for help or take action.


Commercial Burglar Resistant

Commercial buildings are prime targets for break-ins despite alarms and surveillance.Our burglar-resistant glass solutions protect businesses from smash-and-grab robberies, after-hours break-ins, and even riot damage. We offer security glass for new construction or easy retrofits to existing buildings.


Burglar-Resistant Window Film

Our security window films act like an invisible shield for your windows and doors. Installed inside or out, the film strengthens the glass and deters burglars by making break-ins difficult. They come in clear or tinted options, all offering UV protection for your belongings.

Ray Fit Out’s Range of Burglar Proof Products

Securing Your Windows and Doors: Understanding Protection Levels

Understanding the Resistance Class (RC) ratings is essential for securing windows against break-ins. These ratings, standardized under EN 1627:2011, indicate a window’s resistance to burglary attempts, with higher numbers signifying stronger resistance. Below is a detailed overview of the RC ratings from RC1 to RC6:

Burglary Protection levels for windows and doors

RC2 windows offer solid basic protection for private homes, resisting amateur burglars for approximately one to three minutes. RC3 windows increase the resistance time to about five minutes, crucial during a burglary attempt. RC4 windows provide even stronger protection, with about ten minutes of resistance time against experienced burglars.


For private residences, RC5 and RC6 windows are usually considered over-dimensioned. They are designed for extremely exposed risks, such as military facilities or nuclear power plants, with resistance times of approximately 15 and 20 minutes, respectively, even against experienced burglars with powerful electrical tools.


Selecting the appropriate RC rating based on the potential threat level and the specific security needs of the property is vital. 

Resistance Levels Of Glass And Frame For Each Resistance Class(RC) Rating:

Resistance Levels of Glass And Frame For RC Ratings
burglar resistant glass for homes

Our Advanced Security Locks 

Mushroom locks are a significant advancement in anti-burglary systems for windows and doors, offering enhanced security features that traditional locks cannot match. Here’s how they contribute to burglary prevention:

1. Interlocking Mechanism

Mushroom locks are named for their unique “mushroom pin” design. When the window or door is closed, the mushroom-shaped pins interlock with keepers in the frame, creating a tight seal that is exceptionally resistant to prying and levering attempts. This design is far more secure than standard roller pins, which can be more easily compromised.

2. Time Delay Factor

The time it takes for a burglar to overcome a security feature is critical. Mushroom locks significantly increase the time required to force entry, often deterring burglars who rely on quick access. The longer it takes to break in, the higher the risk of being caught, which makes mushroom locks an effective deterrent.

mushroom head lock

3. Versatility and Retrofitting 

Mushroom locks can be installed on a variety of window and door styles, making them a versatile option for security upgrades. They can also be retrofitted to existing fittings, which means that property owners can enhance their security without the need for complete replacements.

4. Enhanced Protection

Studies have shown that the effectiveness of security devices is not just in their individual capabilities but also in their combination with other security measures. Mushroom locks, when used in conjunction with other security devices like external lights and door double locks, can provide a level of protection that is significantly greater than the sum of the individual parts.

Burglar Proof Glass by Ray


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Variable Form

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