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Anti Burglary Windows

Ray Fit Out offers a variety of anti-burglary window options built on our Ray-60, Ray-70, Ray-86, and Ray-104 Passive aluminum systems. These systems are known for their excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. They come equipped with:

  • Multi-layered, Anti-Burglary Glazing: Made with tempered glass and special films, these windows meet the highest safety standards (PN-EN 356) with RC1 to RC4 classifications.

  • Movement Options: Choose from tilt & turn, tilt, turn-only, or fixed window styles. All windows are available in a wide range of colors and finishes to suit your taste.

  • Modern Aesthetics: Opt for the Ray-60US, Ray-70US, or Ray-86US systems for a sleek, hidden sash design that adds a modern touch to your building.

  • Energy Efficiency: For those prioritizing energy savings, We offer windows with enhanced thermal insulation.

  • Slim Design: The Ray-SLIMLINE system combines security with a modern, minimalist look thanks to its elegant, slim aluminum sections.

  • Specialty Security: Ray-86 RC3 anti-burglary windows provide exceptional security for detention facilities without sacrificing aesthetics. Their reinforced construction with RC3 glass prevents escapes without the need for bars.

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