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Titano By Ray

Ray introduces a new addition to its vertical pivot doors collection, honoring one of the oldest and most esteemed materials worldwide. Pivot doors stand out as the ultimate choice for interior entries, offering a bold architectural statement, grand entrance, design flexibility, abundant natural light, enhanced accessibility, space-saving features, and a touch of modern elegance. These closing systems can be opened with just a puff of breath. Exclusive patented products that swivel on a vertical axis thanks to sophisticated hidden pivot hinges.

Ray's flush-to-wall pivotal door offers versatility in sizes and finishes. With or without a stop, its pivot system, comprising hidden floor and ceiling pivots, allows for a full 360° rotation. For its sturdy perimeter frame, the panel of the pivotal door can be done in any finish according to your preference.

This highly customizable product allows for different materials on each side and offers options for frame colors, either matte lacquered matching the panel surface or simply anodized in different color variants. The door can be coated with a variety of materials (metal, stone, leather) for unique atmospheres, along with lacquered (glossy or matte) and wooden options.



The laminates chosen for our products have unique features. Crafted through an innovative process to deliver fingerprint-proof surfaces that are soft to the touch, matte, and highly resilient. These laminates are engineered to withstand impacts, scratches, and the effects of household cleaning products, ensuring long-lasting durability. Choose from a wide range of colors for laminated finishes that guarantee top-notch quality.

Accessories & Locks

Ray Accessories offer a diverse range of options to complement and enhance your living space. From door handles to hinges, locks, and beyond, our selection provides versatility and functionality to suit your needs. . Whether you're looking for sleek and modern designs or classic and timeless styles, our accessories come in a variety of finishes and materials to match any aesthetic preference.

High performance pivots

The door is equipped with the high-performance pivot system. The pivot is entirely integrated into the top and bottom of the door, almost entirely invisible.

Ray lever handle

The handle embodies a sleek and minimalist design, drawing inspiration from the essential design that distinguishes the Italian brand. It complements our range of door accessories. Crafted with precision, it is available in all available fine-grained anodization options, offered in handle, latch, and cylinder versions.


This stylish handlebar, standing at a height of 2000mm, is ideal for doors that exceed traditional sizes. Positioned at a convenient height of 1500mm from the floor (center distance), it ensures easy accessibility. Moreover, the handlebar is offered in a diverse array of colors, enabling you to select the perfect match for your door and interior design.

Ray ensures seamless integration between door and wall with concealed aluminum structures, eliminating unsightly cracks. Our products guarantee perfect alignment and come with an exclusive warranty for the aluminum frame and panel. Crafted in our Dubai warehouse, we prioritize design and material quality.