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Apartment Fit Out 

apartment interior fit-out

An apartment fit out project consists of renovating, replacing and enhancing the apartment using advanced tools and high-quality materials. If you are looking for the best modern apartment interior design then, Ray Fit Out is among the top interior fitout contractors in the UAE! Ray Fit Out is a luxury interior fit-out company in Dubai. We provide many services, one of which is apartment interior fit-out. We make custom interior designs for apartments and implement stylish apartment fit-out. Our company provides fit-out services such as installation of floors and ceilings, crafting custom-made furniture fixtures, wallpaper fixing, mechanical, electrical and plumbing services . We help enhance the apartment with quality materials and excellent modern interior design for apartments.

Kitchen Fit Out - Luxury Interior Design

For a kitchen fit out, firstly existing and old cabinets and drawers are removed. They're then replaced by new and elegant cabinets that will suit the new interior of the house. Shelves, drawers, floors and wallpaper will also be replaced if worn out, otherwise they will be enhanced and fixed.  The lights in the kitchen affect the entire vibe of the space, so good lighting is essential. The furniture should be elegant and go well with the new interior.

Living Room Fit Out - Luxury Interior Design for Apartments

Living room is considered the most significant space in the home. A well organized and modern living room makes the house look elegant and aesthetic. For a living room fit-out, flooring, wallpaper, furniture, and strategic lighting is important. The floor and wallpaper should go well with each other and furniture should be of highest quality and finishes.

Bedroom Fit Out - Contemporary Interior Design

We expect our bedroom to have a warm and cozy atmosphere so that we can have a good night's sleep. That is why the furniture, wallpaper and decoration of a bedroom are very important. The choice of materials used in the fit-out can impact the entire atmosphere of the room.  The interior decoration of the bedroom should be natural and go well with the rest of the interior and look of the house. Our team consists of custom apartment designs specialists that will be happy to provide the best fit-out services to our clients.

Bathroom Fit Out

A bathroom fit-out consists of changing showers, tiles, vanities, walls, sink, toilet, and bathtub. Everything will be replaced with new elegant fixtures and the bathroom will be enhanced to match the interior of the house. Our company will transform every space in your house! 

Why Choose Us?

Ray Fit-Out is one of the best interior fit-out companies in Dubai and we specialize in many things including apartment remodeling, apartment space optimization, apartment interior decorations, renovation works, interior works, and much more. Our team provides stylish apartment fit out to our clients and make their visions come to life. By choosing Ray Fit-Out, you will be witness to extraordinary results. Our company stands out and always performs with our full ability to please our clients. We have the latest technology, finest materials and premium class supplies for every renovation and fit-out project. Our team of experts discuss ideas with our clients and complete the project based on their preferences. With Ray Fit-Out, the best services will be provided with locked prices and 5 years warranty.

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