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Ray Fit Out is the top interior design company in Dubai with a focus on home designing. Explore our stunning portfolio of elegant house interior designs that perfectly balance elegance, practicality, and aesthetics.

The project interior is carefully designed by our team of talented house designers at Ray Fit Out, ensuring a flawless fusion of form and function. Our designs exemplify the ideal balance between simplicity and luxury in everything from open-concept living areas to serene bedrooms and luxury baths.

We take great satisfaction in our meticulous attention to detail and our exceptional choice of materials and furniture as one of the leading interior design companies in Dubai. Our specialty is designing places that are useful and luxurious while also reflecting your distinct sense of style and personality.

Experience the craftsmanship of our interior design services, where each component is carefully chosen to improve the overall appeal. We design living spaces that are both aesthetically attractive and highly functional, with an emphasis on clean lines, slick finishes, and seamless transitions between indoors and outdoors. As the leading interior designer in Abu Dhabi every project that Ray Fit Out works on will be completed to the highest standard. Our team will collaborate closely with you to create the contemporary minimalist style you want or a combination of modern and traditional components.

Interior Design Dubai

Villa Lobby Entrance Design 

Are you ready to amaze your guests from the moment they step foot into your home?


As the best interior design company in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the UAE, Our team of professional house designer is prepared to remodel the entry to your villa in Dubai into an attractive and welcoming area.


Discover a wide range of modern, classic, luxurious, high-end, contemporary and elegant interior design that reflect your unique taste.

Interior design company in dubai

Villa Living Room Interior Design

In your villa interior design, the living room is the heart of your home, and we're here to make it truly extraordinary.


As one of the best home designing company in Abu Dhabi we design a living room interior design that fits your requirements and aesthetics.


From chic and modern to cozy and inviting, our expert team crafts interior designs that inspire. Use Ray Fit Out to make your living room interior design a reflection of your distinct personality and style. Transform your villa into a luxury interior right now!

interior company in dubai

Architecture and Interior Design 

Are you looking to design your Home?


As one of the best interior design companies in Dubai, Ray Fit Out is here to bring your dreams to life


Discover the best of Ray Fit Out's inspiring bedroom interior design, personalized to suit your style and preferences. With the expertise of our house designing team, your perfect bedroom interior design has never been easier. Allow us to create your retreat right away!

interior design dubai

Villa Kitchen Interior Design

Our distinctive kitchen interior design can make your kitchen look sleek and contemporary or delightfully traditional, turning it into the center of your villa interior design. 


Let Ray Fit Out as the best villa interior design company in the  Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE realize your ideal kitchen. Are you ready to transform your kitchen?

interior design companies in dubai

Villa Interior Design

Our talented home designer creates personalized Majlis interior design that pay respect to your cultural background while incorporating a dash of modern refinement.


Only with Ray Fit Out the best interior design company discover the acme of sophistication for your villa interior design today.

interior design company in dubai

Villa Dining Room Interior Design

We design a dinning room interior design that strengthens every mealtime and celebration, from elegant dining sets to engaging lighting.


Providing best interior design solutions. Reimagine your villa interior design and start making priceless memories with your loved ones.

interior designer dubai

Villa Bathroom Interior Design

Whether you desire a spa-like retreat or a contemporary sanctuary, our bespoke design elevate your daily routines to moments of relaxation and luxury.


Immerse yourself in a space where style meets functionality, only with Rayfitout. Redefine your villa bathroom interior design experience and embrace a world of comfort and elegance today!

Interior design companies in Abu Dhabi

Villa Walk In Closet Interior Design

Our expert team creates bespoke walk in wardrobe designs that maximize storage, organization, and aesthetics to craft a space that inspires your daily rituals.


As the best interior design company in Abu Dhabi we design a interior dressing room that are complete with unique wardrobes and opulent vanity areas. Accept the sophistication of a dressing room designed just for you, where getting ready is a pleasure. 

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Architecture companies in dubai

Home Cinema Interior Design

Our expert team crafts bespoke interior designs that combine comfort, style, and cutting-edge technology for an immersive movie-watching experience.


We design a home cinema that will have you captivated by every frame, from comfortable seating configurations to cutting-edge audiovisual systems. 

Ray Fit Out is the best interior design company in Abu Dhabi , Dubai and the UAE.

Home Theater Interior Design

Home Office Interior Design

We curate a personalized workspace that inspires creativity and focus. Our interior design is tailored to your specific requirements and tastes, from ergonomic furniture to clever storage options.

A well-designed home office, where productivity soars and ideas flow effortlessly. Utilize Ray Fit Out to your full potential. Design your home office and start making work enjoyable right away!

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dubai villa design

Luxury Master Bedroom Interior Design

From premium materials to exquisite detailing, every element is carefully curated to reflect the essence of luxury. The pleasure of retiring to a master bedroom that pampers your senses and indulges your desires.


Unwind in a space designed to perfection, where relaxation meets sophistication.

Architecture firms in dubai

Staircase Interior Design

From captivating railings to innovative materials, we design a staircase that elevates your home's aesthetics and captivates with every step.


At Ray Fit Out the best interior design company, we recognize the craftsmanship of a staircase designed to inspire and leave a lasting impression on all who enters your home.

modern villa interior design

Best Interior Design Companies in Dubai

Interior Design Companies in Dubai

As the leading interior design company in Abu Dhabi, we take great pride in our expertise, creativity, and commitment to delivering exceptional residential interior design solutions. With a solid track record of successful projects and a growing base of satisfied clients, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner in transforming spaces into stunning, functional, and captivating environments. We believe that each space has its own unique character and purpose, and we work closely with our clients to understand their vision, preferences, and requirements.


When you choose to trust us with your interior design needs, you can be confident that you are partnering with a company that prioritizes your satisfaction, pays close attention to every detail, and strives for perfection in every project. Our goal is to design environments that uplift, inspire, and make a lasting impression. Let us make your dream villa interior design a reality and make it truly remarkable.

Our interior design process


Meet &

Our success depends on the client's vision. Our first meeting with you marks the beginning of a creative journey that enables us to learn about and explore your needs, aspirations, and aesthetic preferences.



We develop ideas and concepts based on your feedback and ask for your approval for the milestones, timeframe, budget, and specialty.



We help you convey your story, represent your persona, and create locations with exciting experiences by translating your concept into a concrete design.



We take care of everything, from carrying out design specifications to building, installation, and decor. Your approval is required for the implementation of each stage.

Ray fit out is the best Architecture Company in Dubai that has established itself as the leading provider of outstanding interior design solutions. We have built a reputation for excellence and a dedication to providing exceptional outcomes, making it the go-to option for people and companies looking for top-notch villa interior design and villa interior fitout services.

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