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Anti Burglary Doors

Ray Fit Out also offers anti-burglary doors (single and double leaf) built on their popular Ray-60, Ray-70, Ray-86, and Ray-104 Passive systems. These doors share the same excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties as the windows. Security features include:

  • Anti-Burglary Glazing: Similar to the windows, some doors feature anti-burglary glazing with a special film for additional protection.

  • Panel Doors: For a different look, choose panel doors with secure fillings.

  • Multi-Point Locking: All doors come equipped with robust features like multi-point locking systems, anti-break-in pins, and reinforced locking mechanisms, achieving burglary resistance classes RC1 to RC3.

  • High-Security Glazing: Glazing used meets a minimum standard of P6B.

  • Sliding Door Security: The Ray-77HS anti-burglary lift-and-slide terrace doors with key-operated handles provide maximum security for patio access.

With our doors, you get a perfect blend of security, functionality, and aesthetics, making them ideal for homes, shops, shopping malls, and public facilities.

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