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Bullet Proof Glass for Homes 

Have you ever wondered if there's truly such a thing as a window or door that can stop a bullet? While James Bond might make it seem like a simple feat, the answer is a bit more nuanced. There isn't a single material that's completely impenetrable, but there are advanced glass solutions that offer exceptional bullet proof protection. At Ray Fit Out, security is our top priority, and that's why we provide a wide range of bullet-resistant glass options for your windows and doors.

We rigorously test our bullet-resistant glass to ensure it withstands even the most brutal attacks. This testing goes beyond the standard European shelling test (EN 1063) and encompasses a variety of real-world scenarios. We also test our glass against different firearms, including the Kalashnikov AK-47 with standard ammunition, as well as war weapons loaded with hard-core bullets and incendiary devices. Our testing even extends to sharpshooter rifles like the Russian Dragunov, ensuring our glass can provide the ultimate protection.

Bullet proof sliding door
Bullet Proof For Homes

What is Bullet Proof Glass?

Bullet proof glass is a specially designed and constructed material that offers varying levels of protection against projectiles. It's typically made from multiple layers of strong plastics like polycarbonate, sandwiched between treated glass layers. Upon impact, the bullet is absorbed and dispersed by the different layers, preventing it from penetrating through the entire material.

There are different levels of bullet resistance, depending on the thickness and composition of the glass.  These levels are typically rated according to international standards.

Benefits of Bullet Proof Glass for Homes

There are numerous advantages to incorporating bullet-resistant glass into your windows and doors:

  • Enhanced Security: The primary benefit is undoubtedly the increased security it provides. Bullet-resistant glass creates a significant barrier that deters break-ins and other forced entry attempts. This provides peace of mind, knowing your space is protected.

  • Improved Safety: Bullet proof glass is designed to hold its shape even if it breaks under extreme impact. This minimizes the risk of injury from shattered glass in case of accidental breakage or attempted forced entry.

  • Ballistic Protection: Beyond break-ins, bullet proof glass offers crucial protection in situations where firearms are a threat. Whether it's for personal safety, protecting valuables, or deterring vandalism, bullet proof glass provides a vital shield.

  • Clear Visibility : High-quality bullet proof glass offers excellent clarity, allowing natural light to enter while maintaining the ballistic protection.

  • Sound Insulation: Many bullet proof glass solutions also have superior sound insulation properties. This can be a valuable benefit in noisy environments or for creating a quieter and more peaceful space.

  • Aesthetics: Bullet proof glass doesn't have to be bulky or unattractive. Modern options come in a variety of styles and thicknesses to complement the aesthetics of your building.

Investing in bullet proof glass offers a significant return on investment by prioritizing both safety and security.


Aluminium Bullet Proof Glass Door System

Aluminium Bullet Proof Glass Door System
Bullet Proof Glazed Window System

Bullet Proof Glazed Window System

Aluminium Bullet Proof Sliding Door System

Bullet Proof Sliding Door System

Aluminium Bullet Proof Framing System

Arched Bullet Proof Counterline Windows

Arched Bullet Proof Windows

Vertical Bullet Proof Sliding Windows

Vertical Sliding Windows
Bullet proof sliding window

Bullet Proof Sliding Window

Types of Bullet Proof Glass for Homes

Acrylic Bullet Resistant Glass

Bullet proof acrylic offers a single-piece solution, typically between 1.25 and 1.375 inches thick depending on the level of security needed. While incredibly tough, it can still be cut and shaped to fit your space perfectly. Choose from UL Levels 1 and 2 for protection against handgun threats, all while maintaining excellent clarity.

Polycarbonate Bullet resistant glass

Polycarbonate designed for ballistic resistance fulfills all security prerequisites concerning both forced entry and projectile impact. Containment glazing (CG) grades are specifically tailored to offer protection against forceful entry attempts utilizing heavy tools such as sledgehammers and axes. Conversely, bullet-resistant (BR) and multiple shot (MS) grades were meticulously developed to provide ballistic protection, capable of withstanding sustained fire from high-caliber automatic weapons.

Insulated Bullet Resistant Glass

Perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications, this material provides excellent light visibility while maintaining energy efficiency. It also boasts impressive bullet resistant capabilities, including protection against assaults and meeting UL1 standards

Glass clad Polycarbonate

Glass-clad polycarbonate (GCP) represents a technologically advanced solution for applications demanding exceptional levels of security. This composite material exhibits remarkable resilience in high-traffic environments. Furthermore, GCP can be specifically engineered to withstand forced entry attempts, explosive detonations, and powerful hurricane-force winds. It is important to note that standard GCP configurations are primarily evaluated for ballistic protection. For applications requiring the utmost security, particularly those involving freestanding or fixed exterior barriers, ballistic-rated glass-clad polycarbonate offers an optimal solution.

comparison chart for bullet proof glass
Bullet proof glass for homes

Our bulletproof glass - Engineered for Security in Accordance with International Standards

Bullet Resistant Glass by Ray Fit Out

Our glass goes beyond the typical European shelling tests (EN 1063) – we ensure it withstands real-world threats. We test against various firearms, including war weapons with hard-core bullets and incendiary devices. Our commitment to protection extends to military-grade standards like the Russian GOST and NATO's STANAG.


Customisable according to your needs:

We understand that security needs are unique.  We can customize your bullet-resistant glass to meet your specific requirements, no matter the size, shape, or desired level of protection.

Bullet Proof Glass for Homes
Table for Bullet Proof Glass for Width & Thickness
Table for Bullet Proof Glass from the Manufacturer
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