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Anti Burglary Curtain Walls

Ray Fit Out offers innovative anti-burglary protective wall systems (facades) built on advanced aluminum systems with excellent thermal insulation, like Ray-SR50N, Ray-TT50, and Ray-104 Passive SI. These systems are:

Highly Secure: Equipped with special anti-burglary glazing and anti-break-in elements to provide comprehensive protection against break-in attempts.

Design Flexibility: These mullion and transom facades can be integrated with Ray's anti-burglary doors and windows to create a panoramic structure that meets high security and functionality needs.

Visually Appealing: A wide range of shapes, colors, and finishes allow you to customize protective walls to perfectly match your design preferences.

Roller Shutter Option: For additional security, We offer RC3 class anti-burglary roller shutters, ideal for shops, shopping malls, and residential buildings.

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