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Arched Bullet Proof Counterline Windows

Ray Fit Out introduces our arched bullet proof glass – a stylish and secure solution for banks, credit unions, check cashing facilities, and government offices.

These Arched bullet proof glass provide a welcoming and aesthetically pleasing addition to your security barrier while maintaining exceptional protection.


  • Design: Offers a unique aesthetic compared to traditional arch configurations.

  • Bullet Proof Protection: Fabricated from UL 752 Level 1, 2, or 3 Acrylic or Lexgard, ensuring security against various threats.

  • Clear Communication: Features natural voice transmission for clear interaction between staff and customers.

  • Scratch-Resistant Options: Available with or without a SAR (scratch-resistant) coating for added durability.

  • Customization: Ray Fit Out offers custom sizing and configurations to seamlessly integrate with your existing security barriers.

  • Easy Installation: Shipped complete with all necessary hardware for a smooth installation process.


  • Banks

  • Credit Unions

  • Check Cashing Facilities

  • Payment Centers

  • Passport Offices

  • Customer Service Centers


Our Arched Bullet Proof Glass are built to meet your specific security needs and business requirements. We can incorporate various features like:

  • Speak-thru options for clear communication

  • Currency trays for secure cash transfer

  • Package passers for convenient item exchange

  • Integrated bullet proof transaction windows for complete protection

Don't settle for a standard security barrier. Elevate your space and prioritize safety with Ray Fit Out's Arched Bullet Proof Glass.

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