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Staircase Design

Staircases are an essential part of home design, often the first thing you notice when you walk into a house. They not only add to the overall aesthetic but also provide a safe way to move between different levels of your home. Skilled carpenters and joiners have the expertise to create customized stairs that match your preferences for staircase design. 


Ray Fit out, the leading interior design companies in Dubai, understands the importance of a well-designed staircase and offers expert staircase design services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & the UAE. We focus on creating staircases that are not only eye-catching but also meet your safety requirements and fit seamlessly into your home's style and layout.


Whether you are envisioning a modern staircase design that adds a sleek touch to your home or a captivating helical staircase that becomes a focal point of architectural beauty, our team is here to help.

staircase villa interior design

From calculating dimensions to crafting layouts and providing detailed 3D designs, we'll manage every aspect of the project with precision and care.  Together, we'll bring your vision to life. We're committed to crafting a staircase that goes above and beyond what you imagined, blending style and practicality seamlessly. Your satisfaction is our priority. 

Staircase Villa Interior Design Services

Design Selection

When it comes to staircase designs for your villa, there are various options to consider. Whether you prefer a straightforward straight staircase, space-saving winder stairs, elegant spiral stairs, practical quarter-turn stairs, or other designs such as curved, floating, or ladder stairs, we've got you covered.

Our team at Ray Fit-Out will help you choose the perfect design that aligns with your preferences and complements the interior of your villa.

Staircase Design Location

The design also depends on where the staircase is located. If the staircase is being designed for the lobby it may be wider than the staircase in the rest of the areas of the house. It may radiate more elegance and luxury. At Ray Fit-Out, we customize staircase designs to suit each space in your villa perfectly.


Lighting is key to creating the right vibe in your villa interior design or home design, especially around the staircase area. Whether you prefer the sophistication of pendant lights or the grandeur of a large chandelier near your staircase, our team at Ray Fit-Out is here to help you achieve the desired effect.

Color Scheme

The color scheme chosen for your staircase design should seamlessly complement the overall design of your home. Our team will work closely with you to choose the perfect colors that perfectly fits your choice.

Carpeting and Flooring

The flooring and carpets used for the staircase can have a great impact on the visual appeal of the staircase. Our company provides high-end flooring options such as marble, wood, natural stone, and many more. Adding a carpet to the stairs will radiate a luxurious and classy vibe.

Staircase Handrail

The handrail of the staircase should match the design of the stairs. A handrail provides stability and support while walking on the stairs. We provide a wide range of materials for railings such as wrought, cast iron, stainless steel, and wood.

Staircase villa design
Staircase design
Staircase interior design
staircase interior design

Modern Staircase Design

Defining what makes a staircase modern can indeed be subjective and based on personal taste. In our ongoing projects, we strive to blend our design ideas with yours, leveraging our technical expertise to craft innovative staircase solutions. 


Our goal is to create staircases that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also light, artistic, and uplifting. We want anyone walking on a Ray staircase to experience a sense of floating and leave with a smile on their face. This is the essence of what we aim to achieve with our modern staircase designs. Let's explore the possibilities together and bring your vision to life, whether it's a striking glass stair or an intricate helical staircase.

Villa interior staircase design

Staircase Design For Homes

When designing a staircase for homes, finding the right balance between practicality and style is a key. It is important to ensure that the stair fits well within the space and safety standards, including sturdy handrails and no-slip materials. The choice of materials can greatly influence both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the stairs. 

Steel Staircase Design:


Steel stairs are known for their sleek and modern look. They're strong, durable, and can be customized into various shapes and designs. Steel stairs are great for contemporary homes and areas with high foot traffic.


Wooden Staircase Design:

Wooden stairs offer a classic and timeless appeal. They bring warmth and character to any home and can be crafted from different wood species to match your interior style. Wooden stairs require some maintenance but are relatively easy to work with and can be intricately designed.


Glass Staircase Design:


Glass stairs create a modern and elegant look, adding a sense of openness and lightness to the space. They're often combined with materials like steel or wood for added visual interest. Glass stairs are visually striking but may need more upkeep to keep them clean and free of scratches.

Concrete Staircase Design:


Concrete stairs are sturdy, versatile, and perfect for industrial or minimalist styles. They can be cast on-site or prefabricated off-site, offering flexibility in design. Concrete stairs are durable and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use but may require sealing or finishing for better appearance and longevity.

Ultimately, selecting the right staircase design depends on factors such as the overall style of the home, personal preference, and budget considerations.

Staircase Interior design

Why Choose Ray Fit-Out for Your Staircase Design Needs?

Expertise and Experience: With years of experience in the industry, we are skilled in conceptualizing, design, and executing staircase projects of any scale or complexity.


Customized Solutions: We understand that every home is unique, which is why we offer bespoke staircase design solutions that fits your space perfectly and reflect your personal style.


Precise Detail: At Ray Fit-Out, we believe that excellence lies in the details. From selecting the finest materials to meticulous craftsmanship, we ensure that every aspect of your staircase is executed with precision and care.


Seamless Project Management: From the initial design concept to the final installation, we take care of every step of the process, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for our clients.


Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward creating a stunning Villa design that perfectly complements the interior of your house. With Ray Fit-Out, the possibilities are endless, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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