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Bathroom Villa Interior Design

Bathrooms Interior Design should always be carefully located in the house and easily accessible. They should be both functional and aesthetic. Ray Fit Out is one of the best interior design companies in Dubai. We will design a bathroom that will perfectly complement the interior of the rest of your modern villa.

bathroom interior design
Bathroom Inspiration By Interior Designers Dubai

With a client-centric approach, we value every client and ensure that we will deliver results that will surpass expectations. We specialize in home interior design and deliver exceptional results. Our team consists of professional architects, project managers, consultants, and interior designers who will guide you through the interior design project. We will work with you to find out about your requirements, preferences and the atmosphere you want to create in your villa's bathroom interior design.

Villa Bathroom Interior Design Services

Villa Fit out

We use high-quality fit-out for every project. We ensure that your bathroom will look luxurious and visually appealing. We offer high-end services to every client. A well-planned bathroom fit-out will exude elegance and make the residents feel comfortable.


We have various high-end flooring options such as marble flooring, wooden flooring, natural stone flooring, and many more. Flooring has a great impact on creating the right atmosphere in the bathroom. Whether you want a natural look or a minimalistic look in your bathroom, we are here to help!

Wall Tiles

Wall tiles can impact the atmosphere in the bathroom and enhance the aesthetic. Ray Fit-Out will make sure that your bathroom tiles are perfect for your bathroom! The right tiles will add style to your bathroom's interior so it is essential to carefully select the tiles to be used.


The lighting plays a vital role in setting the right vibe in the bathroom. The bathroom should be comfortable and elegant. Our team will help you choose the right type of lighting for your bathroom. We have various lighting options such as ambient lighting, accent lighting, and task lighting.

Interior Design

Our architects will create a drawing of the bathroom to give you a glimpse of how the finishing result will look like. You can discuss your ideas and make changes. The design helps us understand the type of style you want to incorporate into the interior. A carefully designed interior will lead to the satisfaction of the residents.

Bathroom Designs
bathroom interior design
Villa Bathroom Designs in Dubai
Contemperory Washroom design
Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

Why Choose Rayfitout for your Villa Interior Design?

Our interior design team will develop and execute the interior design of your bathroom according to your preferences and ideas. At Ray Fit-Out, we deliver high-end services at affordable prices.

We understand the importance of a functional and well-designed bathroom and offer high-end professional services to create an interior that is tailored to our client's preferences.

Interior Design
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