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Majlis Villa Interior Design

Majlis is a traditional sitting area for guests and family members where they relax and have discussions. Majlises are seen in Arabic traditional homes. Our interior design company, Ray Fit-Out has expert interior designers who have worked on various projects and designed several majlises. Whether you want an Islamic, Arabic, Modern, or Classic majlis, As one of the best interior design companies in Dubai, Ray Fit-Out will create a design that will surpass your expectations!

Majlis Villa Interior Design
Interior Design Company in Dubai

Our Majlis Interior Design

Majlises are designed beautifully and elegantly. We will design a space where people can gather and talk about wonderful things! Our majlises are designed with patterned rugs, calligraphy, lavish mirrors, and stunning furniture.

A Majlis can also be used as a living room where families and friends gather to talk about day to day to life. We also design majlises specifically for men and women. Ray Fit-Out will design a comfortable and welcoming majlis for you.

Our Interior Design Process

The villa interior design process typically begins with an initial consultation to understand the client's needs and vision. Our interior designers then develops a concept and plans the space layout, followed by material and furniture selection within the budget.


During implementation, the designer coordinates with contractors and oversees the project. Finishing touches are added before presenting the completed home design to the client for approval, concluding the interior design process. Effective communication and collaboration are key to a successful outcome.

Why Choose Rayfitout For Your Villa Interior Design?

With several years of expertise and knowledge, we are a leading home interior design company in Dubai. From furniture to wallpapering, we will provide excellent services! With a customer-centric approach, we ensure the satisfaction of our clients. We use high-quality materials as well as ensure that the furniture, flooring, and wallpapering will be chosen according to your preferences

Best Home Interior Design Company in Dubai

If you are looking for great Majlis design, Ray Fit-Out can help as the best villa interior design company in Abu Dhabi. Our interior design company ensures exceptional results. With Ray Fit-Out, you will get extraordinary services at affordable prices. We are known for working on various villa interior design projects in UAE and KSA and have delivered high-end services. Contact us to design a beautiful Majlis for your villa design.

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