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Villa Interior Design Styles in UAE

Updated: Jul 13

The Middle East is known for its beautiful architecture and rich cultural heritage. There are various types of interior designs seen around UAE. Each of them showcases the regions unique and classy aesthetic. Ray Fit Out is one of the best interior fit out companies in Dubai. Our team is known for delivering exceptional results and we have worked on several different projects. We specialize in interior design and interior fit out and have a team of qualified fit out contractors in Dubai. We will now delve into some of the most common interior designs styles found in the Middle East.

Villa Interior Design

Arabic Majlis Villa Interior Design

The Arabic Majlis is a large room space used for entertainment and receiving guests. It is classy and showcases the region’s rich cultural history as well as embodies its hospitality and traditions. There are many features in the Arabic Majlis such as ornate arches, unique geometric patterns, lavish fabrics, and rich color palettes. The geometric patterns in Arabian Art are often built on combination of repeated and overlapped shapes. These are combined to form complex patterns and are used for decoration purposes in the majlis. In a majlis, there is a large space with carpets on the floor and cushions against the wall. The cushions are soft and comfortable and are made of high quality materials. The villa interior design of the majlis has the finest textures, perfect blend of hues, and a finishing that is both elegant and classy. The lighting is important to set the right vibe in the Majlis. Majlis is very common in Middle Eastern Villa interior designs.

Contemporary Villa Interior Design

Contemporary interior design is also seen in many of the villa interior designs in the middle east. It is often a combination of traditional middle eastern interior design and minimalistic interior design style. The best of both traditional middle eastern interior design and modern interior design style is included in the interior. The color palette in the house gives a warm vibe and they are usually neutral colors such as beige, cream, brown, taupe, grey, black and white. Black and brown are only used in certain places. Another feature of a contemporary Arabic home is the use of natural and organic looking materials. It gives the house a natural feel while also making it look elegant and luxurious. Tiles in contemporary homes are usually marble or granite. Arches are beautifully designed in the Arabic style while giving a touch of modern architecture. Our team will help you create the perfect balance between traditional and modern style!

Moroccan Villa Interior Design

Moroccan style is also one of the most used interiors in Arabian households. They are known for having vibrant color palettes, unique tilework, and stylish designs. It brings a sense of romance and uniqueness to the space. The Moroccan style is all about colors and textures. It is a unique blend between Islamic, Mediterranean, and North African style. Zillij tiles are show a combination of different shapes, patterns, and colors, and are used in many Moroccan style homes. Small water fountains can be used as decoration, and they enhance the aesthetic of the house. Traditional Moroccan interior design are made of wooden beams and supports. The furniture gives a sense of royalty and classiness. Our company, Ray Fit Out, has its own joineries where we manufacture high quality furniture for various types of interiors. We will create luxury furniture pieces for your Moroccan style home!

Islamic Villa Interior Design

Islamic designs have greatly influenced the interior of houses in the Middle East. The Islamic interior design reflects its religious beliefs and rich culture. The furniture used is of good quality but an average price as everything in an Islamic home implements Islamic values. Geometric patterns, Calligraphy, and complex shapes are used in the interior design. The geometric patterns are usually squares and circles which create a large complex design. Stars in Zellij mosaic are used on floors. The calligraphy in Islamic homes usually incorporate Qur'anic verses or religious quotes. Many shapes used in the interior are usually leaves, vines, flowers, or vegetables. The rugs used on the floors are usually colorful and feature different design elements. Beautiful and cozy Majlisis are also found in the house. The color palette usually includes colors such as brown, green, and orange, to give an earthy and warm touch in the house.

Emirati Villa Interior Design

The Emirati style is a style that reflects the culture and heritage of the United Arab Emirates. Previously, houses were built with the idea of keeping them as cool as possible. Throughout the interior, Palm fronds, wood, and stone are seen. Palm fronds are used as decoration for the house and enhance the aesthetic. Al Sadu, which is a traditional form of weaving in UAE, is used to produce soft furniture and decorations. Camel fur, goat hair or sheep wool is woven into the furnishings of the home. Plasterwork of gypsum is also very common in Emirati homes. Our company has a team of professionals who will deliver excellent results. Not only will the house look aesthetic and classy, but it will also be comfortable and perfectly finished. The interior of an Emirati home emphasizes simplicity, functionality and a great connection to the traditions and environment.

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