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7 Tips for Home Renovation on a Budget to Give Your Home a Designer Feel

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Aiming for a sophisticated and luxurious feel on a budget could be quite a challenging task. Well, money seems to be a major precondition when it comes to home renovation, right? However, no more! With these 7 affordable tips and tricks – you are quite likely to introduce an eye-catchy designer feel in your home.

Tips for home renovation

1. Paint Color

Home renovation

Paint colors speak more than what meets the eye. Regardless of how difficult it is to choose a perfect paint color for a room – it is important to think wisely. Color psychology is an important aspect! Warmer paint colors like beiges, greiges, and taupes tend to be more inviting and welcoming while on the other hand, cooler paint colors exhibit a cool vibe throughout your space. Do you know the mood you want to create?

2. Windows Treatment

Home renovation in Dubai

This is one of the most neglected design elements in the homes. The absence of elegant and apt window furnishings will end up making your space feel unfinished. And that is why it is highly recommended to choose window treatments depending on the interior design style of your home. You can either choose elegant silk or linen drapery or some wooden blinds. However, remember to keep your curtains floor to ceiling height to add a rich character to your space.

3. Lighting

Home interior design

Lighting has a major impact in creating a specific aura in your space. Rather than specifying old-school tube lights, it is recommended to choose fancy chandeliers, wall scones, table lamps, floor lamps, and recessed lighting. For a perfect designer look – you can choose lights with warm temperatures in mostly the double heighted areas of your homes whereas more warm-whites in the other task areas. Edison bulbs and fairy lights are quite an inexpensive option that you could choose for your homes.

4. Biophilla

House interior design

Indoor plants are a must in each and every home. So, if you are looking to welcome a fresh and wholesome vibe in your home, place some indoor plants such as a tall fig-tree, succulents, cactus, and hanging planters. These will not only add a designer character to your homes but will also end up purifying the indoor air. You can buy some off the rack designer metallic or wooden planters according to the theme of your home. Else, macrame too is a great option to add a natural feel in your homes. Whether it is the corner of the living room, tabletop, floating shelves, or the nightstands – small indoor plants are a great way to add a design feel in your home.

5. Furniture

Home renovation

Reupholstering the old furniture will exhibit a designer look while creating a perfect backdrop. You can very carefully shop for furniture pieces on online marketplaces or else simply sell away the used or unused furniture that you no longer need to stretch your furniture shopping budget. Moreover, it is important to know that the type of furniture is largely a variable when it comes to shopping under a budget. For example, a wooden furniture with linen and cotton fabricated upholstery costs way lesser than velvet and fur fabrics. Mostly, furniture with natural material finish is inexpensive – so, remember to consider this when shopping under a budget. Remember to have an eye on the existing interior design style and then purchasing a cohesive furniture piece. You can also update the legs and the metal and fabric finish of your furniture accordingly.

6. Decorative Cushions

Home interior design

Cushions are quite affordable and beautiful. When adding them, make sure to use contrasting cushions to create a perfect designer look. Furthermore, organizing and placing them in a specific way will refine the interiors of your home. This is quite a budgeted option since you can reuse your old cushions to cover them up with fancy patterned, faux, or soft fabricated covers.

7. Accessories

home renovation

Accessorizing is classic. Whether you plan to use some vintage vases, refurbished artworks, or plenty of mirror pieces – these will definitely add an elegant designer touch to your homes. Also, don’t hold back from using pretty tabletop runners, clocks, and storage baskets! You can find this dirt cheap online or in the flea markets

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