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Renovating with Style: Renovation in Dubai

Updated: Jul 13

Homes are our safe place. A place we return to at the end of the day after a long day at work or a tiring day at school. Welcome to Ray fit out which is an interior fit-out company in Dubai. Together we will make visions come to life and renovate our villas with style and elegance. We provide excellent services and high-end home interior design. Let’s find out how to give our homes a makeover!

1- The first stage: in this stage, we discuss the initial stages of our renovation project at our high-end design firms. We ask our clients about their ideas and plan on making Custom luxury home renovations. We discuss the inspiration behind our vision, and how important planning is. We do as best as we can to bring visions to come to life as well as incorporate Dubai's architectural influences! From blending elements of Arabian structures and modern architecture, we help make homes as beautiful as you can imagine!

2-Beauty in the bones: the structural elements of the villa are as important as its interior design. So we make sure that the home is beautifully renovated with the best of materials. With the help of amazing contractors and navigating challenges that could be posed by Dubai's climate, we highlight the important steps that need to be taken to upgrade your home!

renovation Dubai

3-Captivating spaces: this is when we dive into the most important part of our renovation project- the transformation of our rooms and spaces! We take our clients through each area revealing the design choices that made the beautiful transformation happen, while also staying true to Dubai's interior style. We show them before and after pictures of their bedroom design, kitchen, and many more spaces. We create a comfortable vibe in the house by combining elements of both modern and Arabian interiors.

renovation Dubai

4-The power of details: attention to the finest detail is very important in a city like Dubai. In this stage, we discuss the importance of the right fixtures, finishes, and accessories to upgrade our villa! Tips on how to source unique materials and work with local artisans of Dubai are shared too.

Renovation in Dubai

5-Outdoor Oasis- Revitalizing spaces in Dubai: the outdoor spaces are just as important as the interior of villas in Dubai. In this segment, we put in great efforts to create an outdoor oasis that embraces Dubai's lifestyle and adds to the villa's charm! By incorporating sustainable landscaping practices and adding entertainment outdoor spaces, we showcase the importance of our outdoor spaces and how they connect with the villa's interior.

renovation Dubai

Every renovation journey comes with valuable lessons and a brand-new experience. We help make our client's dreams and visions come true while blending the best of both the Arabian and the modern world! On this beautiful journey, we connect with clients, embrace the style of Dubai's local villas, and work with talented people.

Our Dubai fit-out company is happy to help!


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