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Minimalism: Simple and Elegant Minimalistic Home

A minimalistic home is a simple and elegant home that contains only the furniture and accessories that are necessary. Anything unnecessary is decluttered and replaced with much more useful materials. Minimalist interior design is very similar to modern interior design and involves using the bare essentials to create a simple uncluttered space. The home looks simple and colors such as white, grey, beige, and light green are often seen around the house. All the spaces in a minimalistic home contain a few essential pieces of luxury furniture. The concept of minimalism is about using as few things as possible so that the house looks simple. Ray Fit-Out is an interior fit-out company in Dubai. We offer the best interior designs to our clients and make sure that we live up to their expectations. Let's dive in on how to create a minimalistic home and on its benefits!

1-Easier to clean and more appealing: when there's only necessary furniture in the house, there are fewer things to clean. This means you will save time! You will not need to worry about cleaning too many things or taking care of too much furniture. Also, a minimalistic home is much more appealing to look at. It looks simple and elegant with only the necessary things around. The beautiful shades of white and beige, make the house look simply elegant!

minimalistic home

2-Include minimal furniture and artwork: keeping basic but elegant-looking furniture is what makes a minimalistic home. Keep an elegant white couch in the living room with a small glass coffee table in front of it and you're good to go! To make things more interesting, you can add artwork of simple green plants or you can keep a small plant in the living room. A simple grey rug in the middle of the living room isn't a bad idea either. A bedroom can have a simple queen-sized bed and a beige study table with a lamp on it. Not only will the house look aesthetic, but classy too!

minimalistic home

3-Quality over quantity: the lesser the furniture in a minimalistic home, the more elegant it will look. In a minimalistic home, the quality of our furniture is what's important. The furniture should be very pleasing to look at as well as have great quality. Ray Fit-Out will give our clients high-end luxury interior design. We will make sure we discuss everything with our clients and make the best ideas for their minimalistic homes. It is always best to choose pieces of furniture that we like and use instead of several pieces which "might" be useful.

minimalistic home

4- Focus on transforming one room at a time: It is best to focus on one room at a time. For example, it is best to focus only on bedroom design, than focus on all the rooms in the house. For the bedroom, a simple elegant bed in the room along with a study table is necessary. For the kitchen, a dining table along with chairs matching the design of the table, are perfect. White cabinets and shelves in the kitchen are a must! By keeping the concept of minimalism in mind, we help our clients bring their visions to life as well as give their homes a beautiful yet elegant makeover!

minimalistic home

5- Clear floors and surfaces: Firstly, the color of the tiles is very important. White or beige tiles will look absolutely terrific! Both marble and wood floors of white will match the aesthetic of minimalism perfectly. Wooden floors will look great too. It is also very important to keep our spaces clean. They should be free of stacked things or too many decorations. Too many decorations will ruin the simplicity of the house. That's why it is important to keep appealing decorations but not too many of them.

minimalistic home

6- Place for everything: in a minimalistic home, there should be a place for everything. Books should go on a bookshelf, perfectly arranged, and kitchen utensils should be in a drawer. Basically, everything needs to have its designated place so that everything looks put together and of course, it will be easier to find things around the house too!

minimalistic home

As a Top Dubai Interior Fit-Out Company, our clients are a priority and we make sure that they are never disappointed. We give high-end interior design services to our clients and our services always exceed their expectations. Our Fit-Out company will most certainly transform your home into a beautiful minimalistic home!

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