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Mid-Century Modern Home

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

Mid-century modern design is known for combining sleek lines with organic shapes, using new materials and methods to reimagine traditional pieces. This type of house is usually one-story with an open-plan layout. It would consist of practical and necessary furniture, a lowered roof or ceiling, big windows, and a unique outdoor space. Elements of the mid-century interior include cleanliness, muted tones, a combination of manmade materials, graphic shapes, vibrant colors, and a unique indoor and outdoor of the house. Here, at Ray Fit-Out, we offer the best services to our clients and will help you transform your home into an aesthetically pleasing mid-century house!

1-Elegance: Mid-century modern decor includes elegant chairs, statement lamps, and Tv stands. Bold pops of colors such as red, yellow, orange, green, and blue are seen throughout the house. The concept of mid-century style includes vibrant colors which look elegant and simple. There shouldn't be too many different colors in one space.

Mid-Century Modern furniture was originally designed to be multi-functional. A sofa bed is an example of mid-century furniture. This piece of furniture works both as a sofa and a bed.

mid century home

2-Minimalism: Just like in modern homes, minimalism is also important in mid-century modern homes. The concept of minimalism includes having only necessary pieces of furniture, having unique statement pieces and beautiful yet simple artwork, and having designated places for everything in the house. Unnecessary items should be decluttered so that there is space for only important pieces of furniture, This makes the house more spacious and elegant.

mid century home

3- Contrasting Materials and Fabrics: The combination of materials such as wood, concrete, and steel combined with man-made materials define a mid-century modern interior. The discovery of new materials such as fiberglass, plywood, foam, aluminum, and plastic laminates is supposed to be incorporated into mid-century homes. Modern pieces staged with vintage statement pieces go well in a mid-century house.

mid century home

4- Neutral and bold colors: the mid-century color palette ranges from bright hues in the 1950s to earthy tones in the 1960s. Bold colors bring a visual focus to minimal rooms and are usually used in contrast with black white or grey to give a touch of modern minimalism in the house. Colors such as earthy green, bright orange and yellow, muddy brown, and red are commonly used for mid-century home decor. Our interior fit-out company will help you decide which colors are best for different spaces around your house.

mid century home

5- Geometric shapes: Mid-century modern furniture consists of geometric patterns that added character to a room and made it more visually appealing. Prints, artwork, mirrors, clocks, and rugs were commonly used with patterns resembling starbursts, atomic and boomerang features.

mid century home

6- Indoors and outdoors: MId century emphasized taking advantage of natural elements in a room so that even the indoors have the essence of nature. One way to bring nature inside the house is through the use of indoor plants. Not only are they healthy but they will make the house look visually appealing. Plants are also used in the minimalistic concept.

mid century home

The decor in a mid-century modern house needs to be classy, elegant, and simple as well as stylish and appealing. Minimalism is very important in this concept as it will lead to the house becoming more spacious and elegant. Through the use of the right colors, furniture, and layout, Ray Fit-Out will transform your house into a beautiful mid-century house!


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