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Unlock the secrets to perfecting open-concept living spaces with our comprehensive guide. Learn how

Open-concept spaces are spaces that have few or no walls. They are basically 2-3 rooms connected or combined with each other. A common example is the combination of kitchen, living room, and dining room. Ray Fit Out is one of the best interior design companies in Dubai. We stand as a leading interior fit out company in Dubai and are known to deliver outstanding results. A free-flowing floor plan requires expert guidance and careful planning. Ray Fit Out is here to help you! Here are tips to consider when designing an open-concept living space!

Modern Villa Dubai

Design Your Modern Villa Dubai with Ray Fit Out

1-Use Coordinated Colors: For spaces that are combined, it is recommended to use the same color scheme. This makes the spaces look more unified and enhances the aesthetic. For example, you can design green cabinets for your kitchen and also use green cushions for your sofas in the living room.

2-Rugs: You can add rugs to the space to make them more warm and lively. Carpets add coziness to the interior and enhance the visual appeal.

3-Smart Storage: Storage is important for every space. Ray Fit Out offers customized solutions for every client according to their preferences.

4-Connecting with Nature: Having large windows or glass walls around the house will exude the sense of being in nature. This will make the atmosphere fresh and warm. Having a home that is part of the outdoors is known to have a calming and comforting effect on the mind.

5-Highlight Focal Points: Highlighting unique elements in the interior will enhance the visual appeal and give attention to beautiful elements and parts of the interior. Art pieces, decoration pieces, or certain features can be highlighted.

6-Natural Materials: Using natural materials such as wood and natural stone in the interior will make the space look more elegant. Ray Fit Out offers high-end material options to choose from. We provide and offer everything at affordable prices.

7-Unique: Even if 2-3 rooms are combined, each space can have its own personality and unique look. Adding artwork, paintings, or decorations into each room will enhance the look of the spaces.

8-Lighting: Lighting has the power to change the entire atmosphere and vibe in a space. Ray Fit Out offers various lighting options to choose from such as ambient lighting, accent lighting, task lighting, etc. Our team will help you select the right type of lighting for your spaces.

Interior Design Company in Dubai

Why Work With Ray Fit Out?

These were some of the tips that can be implemented to create the perfect open-concept spaces. Ray Fit Out is known to create and design spaces that surpass expectations. Our team consists of professional architects, interior designers, consultants, and project managers who prioritize the needs of our clients. Join us at Ray Fit Out to create the space of your dreams!


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