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How to Find the Best Interior Fitout Companies in Dubai

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

Dubai, a city synonymous with architectural innovation, stands as a testament to the creative prowess of the Best Interior Fitout Companies in Dubai. It's not just about steel and concrete; these companies have sculpted the city's interiors, transforming it into a living masterpiece. The following sections provide an insight into some of the most best interior fitout companies in Dubai, showcasing their remarkable achievements and contributions to this vibrant city. From luxury hotels to exquisite residential properties, their work has left an indelible mark, shaping the very essence of Dubai's interiors.


ALEC FIT-OUT is an expert in bringing high-end fitout ideas to life, specializing in the fit-out and renovation of five-star hotels, resorts, and mixed-use projects in the Middle East and North Africa. They have completed projects totaling over 1,100,000 square meters and valued at AED 4.5 billion since it started in 2009.

In 2021, they expanded their company to accommodate the increasing need for their expertise in Saudi Arabia and Africa, enhancing Dubai's position as a center for innovative architectural solutions. Their work on the KSA Pavilion at Expo 2020, which has been recognized as one of the largest pavilions with international participation and spans 13,000 square meters, is evidence of their skill. ALEC FIT-OUT has had a lasting influence on Dubai's architectural scene and is still a major player in the city's pursuit of luxury and innovation.

An impressive depiction of the latest building in Dubai, highlighting its contemporary architecture and sleek aesthetics.

Tel: +971 (0) 44290599

Address: 2802 Marina Plaza

Dubai Marina

P.O.Box 27639, Dubai

2. Al Shafar Interiors (ASI)

ASI was founded in 1997 as a division of the parent business ASGC to handle the fit-out component of projects. Over the years, it has built up a diverse portfolio in the fit-out market, ranging from hotel to commercial and residential projects. ASI's notable projects include national pavilions for Expo 2020 and a variety of hotel fit-outs.

In 2021, the company was focusing on process automation and data-driven decision-making, demonstrating its dedication to staying ahead of industry trends. They are establishing a project management office (PMO) to standardize and centralize reporting and are providing Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt training sessions to increase efficiency. They are looking forward to the next decade with a focus on sustainable design and material use, aligning with the industry's long-term vision, and becoming an important part to Dubai's sustainable architectural scene.

Interior fitout on a airport lounge in Dubai

3. Ray Fitout & Interiors

Ray Fitout & Interiors has built a name for itself in the world of turnkey interior fitout services across several industries, with 33 years of experience. They are well-known for developing one-of-a-kind products that improve people's lives. Every project they work on demonstrates their dedication to productivity and excellence. Ray Fitout leads the market and is constantly looking for new opportunities and improvements in fitout services.

Their dedication to luxurious living is shown by their most recent project, an elegant private residence in PALM JUMEIRAH, DUBAI. The project includes a private pool, elegant wall fixtures, marble finishes, and a stunning outdoor space. Their love for creating unique, detailed room designs that elevate luxury living in Dubai is embodied in this project. Ray Fitout & Interiors is a prime example of Dubai's dedication to high-end architecture and a testament to the city's pursuit of luxury and innovation.

A contemporary home featuring a pool and patio, designed by one of the best interior fitout companies in Dubai.

Tell: +97 52 216 4930

Address: No.2, Plot no: 23-0, AL Qusais Ind 5 Oppsite Tasjeel - Dubai

4. Al Tayer Stocks

Interior-fit out company, Al Tayer Stocks is focused on a number of industries, including commercial office, hotel, healthcare, education, entertainment, technology, retail, F&B, residential, and industrial. The company is divided into building, design and build, and MEP departments. Having completed projects worth AED 5 billion in the UAE over the course of more than 22 years, Al Tayer has established an excellent track record as a trustworthy supplier of fitout services.

They place a strong emphasis on their workforce, as seen by their remarkable 60% employee retention rate. Their dedication to keeping employees and their capacity to complete difficult tasks even under difficult conditions are examples of their quality and perseverance.

Home interior design room made use of fitout services in Dubai.

Tell: +97 4 503 4888

Address: U Bora Towers - Business Bay - Dubai

5. A&T Group Interiors

A&T Group Interiors, started in 2009, and has grown to become one of the region's best interior fit-out companies. They have been offering premium quality fitout and turnkey solutions to clients for over a decade, that extend into engineering, planning, execution, and delivery. Whether it's a restaurant, hotel, office, retail, or residential building, their focus is always on delivering excellent quality with long-term results.

All of their projects adhere to globally recognized ISO systems. A&T Group Interiors has landed five new, intriguing hospitality projects, including a hotel. They are also actively involved in developing an immersive dining experience for EXPO 2020, which contributes to Dubai's position as a center of architectural innovation. They are always expanding their team across the world with new postions opeing up in Saudi.

 Modern restaurant with white tables and chairs. Fitout work and services available.


Tell: +97 4 396 4121

Address: A&T Group Interiors, API World Tower - Sheikh Zayed Rd - Dubai

6. Bashhesnef Interiors Design

With more than 15 years of expertise, Bashhesnef uses their 360-degree turnkey design and fit-out services to realize ambitious goals. They are committed to upholding a core concept from the very beginning to the most exquisite custom furnishings. Multinational companies, regional SMEs, and local companies all vouch to Bashhesnef's outstanding portfolio, which shows their dedication to cutting-edge design, and quality.

They have architects, interior designers, MEP engineers, masons, carpenters, electricians, and plumbers on staff. Bashhesnef concentrated on the food and beverage industry and penetrated the Saudi market on a major scale. They have shown their dedication to expansion and innovation by collaborating with top design companies and customers to support projects throughout the Kingdom. Bashhesnef is a major contributor to the flourishing interior landscape of Dubai because of their ability to provide unique and comprehensive interior solutions that perfectly combine with the city's goal of architectural perfection.

 Modern living room with grey walls and wooden floors. Fitout work and services provided

Tell: +97 4 457 3133

Address: Bash Hesnef Interior design LLC, Al thuraya office 802 tecom

7. BW Interiors

BW Interiors is a broad, turnkey fit-out contractor that values quality over quantity. They have about 1,450 employees spread across several internal departments and locations. For woodwork, marble and stone, upholstery, metal, and glass works, BW has its own factories and installation teams. It also has a fully staffed MEP section. Their guiding principle is to build enduring relationships with clients and consultants. Prominent projects in their vast portfolio include retail establishments, business offices, luxury residences, F&B shops, and hospitality facilities.

BW Interiors has opened a purpose-built joinery facility at National Industries Park, strengthened divisions in Al Quoz, and has been involved in various high-profile projects, including the fit-out of the Visa Headquarters, Arts Club Night Lounge, and bespoke food and beverage projects. Their dedication to perfection and quality keeps influencing Dubai's interior design. The commitment of BW Interiors to crafting unique and remarkable interior environments has made a lasting impression on Dubai's architectural landscape.

A beautifully adorned hotel lobby with a combination of blue and orange furniture, exuding elegance and warmth.

Tell: +97 4 339 2911

Address: BW Interiors, 4 3A St - Al Quoz - Dubai

8. Depa

Leading the way in interior designs worldwide, Depa has an impressive track record of completing projects in 43 countries. Famous monuments in the United Arab Emirates, including the Dubai Opera House, Atlantis the Palm, Burj Al Arab, and Burj Khalifa.

Depa showed their skill in the industry in 2020 when they were recognized with the title of "fit-out company of the year" at the Commercial Interior Design Awards. They will still work on challenging projects with well-known architects. Dubai's remarkable interior landscape is largely due to Depa's heritage of quality, which further strengthened Dubai's position as a global center for cutting-edge architectural solutions. Their steadfast dedication to innovation and excellence further solidifies Dubai's standing as a center for outstanding architecture.

Spacious building interior with high ceiling and professional fitout services.


Tell: +97 4 228 5850

Address: Depa Interiors LLC, 10 Al Maktoum Rd - Deira - Riggat Al Buteen - Dubai

9. Emkay Interiors

Emkay Interiors, a brand known for steady success, started out in 2004 and slowly finished a lot of projects, which resulted in an ever-growing number of happy customers. Leading the way for 19 years, Emkay, under the direction of Michel J. Khoury, has established itself with hundreds of well-known projects around the GCC and the United Arab Emirates.

Currently, their focus is on the future, with the goal of continuously improving Emkay. Their track record and dedication to continuous development. Emkay's relentless pursuit of excellence and their unwavering dedication to their clients have contributed to their sucess.

The Best Interior Fitout Companies in Dubai have made a large contribution to the city's evolution.These businesses are reliable partners that put consumer satisfaction, innovation, and quality first. These businesses are largely responsible for the breathtaking skyline of Dubai.

Interior design layout of an office space made use of fitout works

Tell: +97 4 452 4422

Address: EMKAY Interiors LLC, Prism Tower 1409 - Business Bay - Dubai

10. Design Infinity

Established in 2012, Design Infinity is a rapidly expanding interior fit-out company run by managing partners Geetha Nayak and Pratap Mendonca. Design Infinity has made a name for itself in the business quickly because to its highly skilled staff of over 400 specialists and remarkable range of resources, which include distinct divisions for metal and glass, a joinery factory, and an in-house office furniture showroom.

A number of intriguing projects are in the works for them, one of which is the turnkey fit-out contract for the Ministry of Health and Prevention's (MOHAP) new office in Dubai Silicon Oasis. Their dedication to sustainability and their solid client relationships continue to define their success for environmentally friendly building practices.

Spacious building interior with high ceiling and professional fitout services.

Tell: +971 4 379 5902

Address: No. 212, Hamsah Complex, P O Box 62522 Karama, Dubai, UAE

They have shaped the interiors of the city, establishing the benchmarks for elegance, and sustainability. These businesses are dedicated to providing high-end fitout services, and they keep defining the luxury and creativity that have come to be part of Dubai. They remain important to Dubai's story of architectural genius as they broaden their perspectives and investigate new avenues, adding to the city's attraction with every undertaking. These businesses are the artists who bring Dubai's inner spaces to life, turning it into an urban center known for its stunning architecture and creative design concepts.


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