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The Mystery of Hidden Doors in Luxury Interior Design: Pivot Door

Hidden Doors in Luxury Interior Design are far from ordinary doors. Pivot doors are now revolutionized as hinges are now hidden inside the door, they're quick and easy to install and guarantee a controlled door movement. There are multiple design possibilities for pivot doors and they're easy to integrate into any type of door material. Pivot doors can enhance the design of your house in many ways. At Ray Fit-Out, which is a luxury doors manufacturer in UAE, we provide our clients with high-quality services as well as the best quality luxury furniture. With Ray Fit-Out, your visions can come to life. Let's dive in on the benefits of the Pivot Doors!

1- Movement: The difference between how a regular door moves compared to a pivot door, is huge. A pivot door pivots on a vertical axis, determined by the hinge system's position and the top pivot. This makes the door movement very elegant and smooth. A pivot door can deviate from the measurements of regular doors. It can be much larger and also wider than regular doors. The quality of the pivot hinge is very important. Our company makes the best custom interior premium doors and we ensure the best quality of the doors!

Pivot Doors

2- Material: A Pivot door can be made out of any material. Wood, marble, glass, and metal, are all materials that can be used to make a pivot door. The weight of the door can go up to 500kg without any concerns. The door's height is unlimited, so it can be as large as you want it to be! Pivot doors are elegant and classy and they definitely improve the look of our homes. Basically, pivot doors can be made out of any material and can be as large as possible as long as there is space inside the door for the pivot hinge system.

Pivot Doors

3- Sound-Proof: Because of the several types of materials that can be used to make a pivot door, they can also easily become sound-proof. The inside of the door can be insulated, or the outside can be covered with a sound-absorbing material such as felt. This is useful, usually when designing offices, but it is also a great way to enhance a family home's interior. So you will have an elegant soundproof door!

Pivot Doors

4- Partition walls: Pivot doors can also be used to divide rooms as they're basically rotating parts of the wall. When the pivot hinge system is placed in the middle of the wall, a room can be divided. Basically, the spaces are connected when the door is opened and it then becomes part of the interior. When it is closed, it becomes part of the wall and is unnoticeable. Sound-proof pivot doors will add enormous value to the space of your house.

Pivot Doors

5- Entrance doors: Pivot doors are perfect to be used as entrance doors. Their extraordinary elegant style makes them a perfect-fit grand entrance to any building. They truly are impressive and will make the interior of any building very classy and luxurious. Pivot doors have a latch control system that makes sure that the door always closes properly. With its elegant features and smooth movements, pivot doors are perfect to improve convenience and the interior of any house or building.

Pivot Doors

6- Hidden Doors: One really amazing feature of pivot doors is that door handles and frames are not necessary for pivot doors. This means that a pivot door can be hidden inside a wall, creating a clean and calm atmosphere. It will be completely hidden from everyone and only you will know where it is and where it leads to. You can store personal data or important things in these hidden passages. This means more privacy!

Pivot Doors

At our luxury interior design company, Ray Fit-Out is the best interior fitout companies in dubai, we value the opinions and visions of our clients and always make them our priority. Pivot doors truly are amazing and extraordinary. They add enormous value to the spaces of any building or house. Join us at our company on this amazing journey of creating pivot doors!

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