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Exploring the World of Marbles [Top 15 Marble Suppliers in UAE]

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

From majestic Carrara to rare Afghan Black Portoro, marble has been a staple of construction, design, and luxury for centuries. It is admired for its durability, beauty, and versatility, however, with the wide range of options available, it can be difficult to decide which marble is best for your project. Here we explore the five most popular marbles and their properties and Top 15 Marble Suppliers in UAE: providing a comprehensive look at why they should be considered.

Carrara Marble

interior carrara marble

Carrara Marble is an Italian masterpiece, boasting a classic white background and exquisite gray veins. It has been used in many homes and establishments and is commonly seen in kitchens, bathrooms, and fireplaces. This marble is also perfect for sculptures, fountains, and unique decorative elements.

Afghan Black Portoro

afghan black portoro marble

Afghan Black Portoro is an uncommon black marble with remarkable white veins. Owing to its high-end look, it is often chosen for flooring, countertops, and stunning wall cladding.

Calacatta Marble

calacatta marble in interior

Calacatta Marble from Italy stands out for its white background and bold gray veins, occasionally dappled with gold for a timeless allure. Luxury homes and hotels often use Calacatta Marble for bathrooms, kitchens, and flooring projects.

Emperador Marble

emperador marble in interior fit out

Emperador Marble from Spain has a wide range of shades, from light to dark brown. Its signature veins vary from subtle to dramatic. Emperador Marble is suitable for indoors, ranging from flooring to countertops and decorative wall cladding, and even for outdoor sculptures and columns.

Travertine Marble

travertine marble fit-out company dubai

Travertine Marble displays beige, ivory, and brown hues, and is known for its natural pits and holes. It has wonderful textural properties that can make any space infinitely warmer and more inviting. This limestone marble is often used for flooring, walls, and even exterior applications such as pool decks and patios.

When choosing a marble for your project, it is best to research each type in greater detail – ensuring that you understand the characteristics and benefits of each. Additionally, it is wise to consult a reliable supplier, analyzing factors such as quality, customer service, and reliability.

Here are Top 15 Marble Suppliers in UAE mentioned in the post:

CARRARA MARBLE - This precious and renowned marble, used for centuries by sculptures and architects, is supplied by prestigious companies such as Ray Fitout, Polycor, Marmi Carrara, and MGM Marble.

AFGHAN BLACK PORTORO - Discovered during medieval times in the Malpaga castle, this beautiful and exotic marble is now sourced by Antolini, Levantina, Ray Fitout, and Marmi Faedo.

CALACATTA MARBLE - A finely crafted material that has been favored by the most prestigious families throughout the centuries, Calacatta Marble is now available worldwide thanks to suppliers such as Silestone by Cosentino, Arizona Tile, and Marble Systems.

EMPERADOR MARBLE - Noted for its unique and timeless elegance, this spectacular marble is sourced by leading companies such as Levantina, Marmoles Marín, and Cosmos Granite & Marble.

TRAVERTINE MARBLE - With its easy-to-recognize honeycomb pattern, Travertine Marble is highly sought after due to its elegant and plentiful qualities. It can be sourced from companies such as MSI Surfaces, Stone & Tile Shoppe, and Marble of the World.

Ray Fitout is among the Top Interior Fit-Out Companies in UAE, renowned for its excellence in marble fit-out services since 1989. Our team of industry experts consists of project managers, architects, fit-out contractors, and construction specialists, equipped with the aptitude and technical knowledge needed to tackle any bespoke project. With high-class fit-out projects delivered at competitive costs, regardless of the project size, Ray Fitout has constructed a legacy of proficiency in the Interior Fit-out domain that has developed over 33 years. Leveraging the most modern technologies and a highly trained workforce, Ray Fitout is always prepared to exceed your interior fit-out expectations.


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