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Top 10 Interior Design Companies in Kenya

Updated: May 13

In the midst of a booming real estate market in Kenya and the wider East African Region, those seeking to create their ideal home can tap into a wealth of interior design talent.

The ideal interior design firm should not only have the requisite expertise to realize your concepts but should also align with your communication style and collaborative approach. Through diligent research and engaging with potential firms, you’ll be well-positioned to make a knowledgeable choice and commence a fruitful design endeavor. Our curated selection of prominent Interior Design Companies in Kenya is at your disposal to assist in designing, renovating, or constructing the home of your dreams

Best Interior Design Companies in Kenya

1. Ray Fit Out & Interiors

Ray Fit Out & Interiors is a seasoned expert in crafting luxury residential villas. With over 33 years of experience, they're masters at creating stunning interiors that reflect personal style and refined living. Their portfolio showcases a variety of lavish villas, each a testament to their commitment to excellence and creativity. Partnering with top interior design companies globally, including prestigious names in Kenya and across the Middle East like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Riyadh, Ray Fit Out brings a diverse range of skills and cultural influences to every project.

Modern Living Interior Design

They specialize in Design & Build, Renovations, and Landscaping, tailoring each project to suit clients’ unique tastes, whether it's a classic villa or a modern home. Every detail, from spacious living areas to cozy private spaces, is carefully crafted to ensure the highest standards of luxury and comfort.

Services Offered:

  • Design & Build

  • Interior Design

  • Turnkey Interior Fit-Out

  • Architectural Design

  • Landscape Design

  • Structural Design

  • Lighting Design

  • Custom Joinery Design

  • Carpentry and Joinery Works

  • MEP Retrofitting

  • Renovation and Refurbishment

Notable Projects :

  • Private residence in kampala

  • Signature Villa Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE

  • Villa Jumeirah 1, Dubai, UAE

  • Private Villa, Al Barsha

  • Private Villa, Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi

  • Private Villa Jubail Island, Abu Dhabi

Awards and Certifications:

  • Luxury Interior Construction & Fit Out Awards

  • Fit Out Project of the Year - Residential

  • Fit Out Firm of the Year - Design Middle East Awards 2023

  • Top 5 Design & Firms - Art Daily

Contact Ray Fit Out & Interiors:

  • Contacts: +971 4 263 3392

  • Email:

  • Address: Building 23-0 - Al Qusais Industrial Area 5 - Dubai

2. Palacina Interiors

Interior Design Company in Kenya

Palacina Interiors, headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, is a leading interior design company that seamlessly blends contemporary elegance with African flair. Founded by visionary designers, They  become an iconic name in the industry. Established over 20 years ago, the firm has consistently delivered exceptional design solutions for both personal clients and corporate entities.

 The Palacina Design team draws inspiration from international influences and the rich cultural tapestry of East Africa. Their portfolio spans diverse projects, from hotels with hundreds of rooms to prominent corporate headquarters and premium private homes. Their expertise lies in creating spaces that harmonize functionality, aesthetics, and cultural context.

Palacina Interiors embraces a creative style that ranges from contemporary to traditional. Their approach is driven by client inspiration and professional opinions. They listen carefully to clients’ needs and expectations, ensuring a personalized touch in every project.

Palacina Interiors caters to various sectors, including:

Residential: Crafting inviting and functional living spaces.

Commercial: Enhancing work environments for businesses.

Hospitality: Elevating guest experiences in hotels and restaurants.

Services Offered:

  • Customized Headboards

  • Curtains

  • Fabrics

  • Paint

  • Wallpaper

  • Sofa & Chairs

  • Product Sourcing

Successful Projects:

  • Elegant Residence in Karen

  • Modern Penthouse Overlooking Nairobi

  • Serene Lakeside Villa in Naivasha

Awards and Certifications:

  • Kenya Interior Design Excellence Award

  • East African Design Recognition

Contact Palacina Interiors:

Visit their Grand Showroom for interior design inspiration and explore their unique collection.

3. Prime House Interiors

Prime House Interiors is recognized as a leading interior design company in Kenya. Founded by a group of forward-thinking designers, the company has earned a reputation for transforming living spaces with modern design and practical functionality. Since its establishment, they have been at the forefront of interior design, grounded in innovation and a dedication to excellence.

Exterior Modern Villa

The company is proud of its team of specialists, each skilled in different facets of interior design. This expertise ensures that every project is approached with the highest level of professionalism and inventiveness. Their capabilities include meticulous space planning, crafting custom furniture, and overseeing projects from start to finish.

Their approach revolves around a design philosophy that prioritizes the client’s preferences at its core. The belief is that each space should mirror the distinct personality and taste of the client, making every design uniquely personal.

Their team is skilled in managing both commercial and residential projects, with a particular focus on creating luxurious and comfortable home interiors.

Services Offered:

  • Tailored Residential Interior Design

  • Commercial Interior Planning and Design

  • Full-Scale Project Management

  • Custom Furniture and Decor Selection

List of Successful Projects:

  • The Ngong Residence

  • The Karen Estate Home

  • The Kisii Residential Retreat

Awards and Certification:

Prime House Interiors has received accolades such as the Consumer Choice Award 2024 for Best Interior Design Company in Kenya, acknowledging their significant impact on the industry.

For those interested in Prime House Interiors’ services, they can be contacted via:

Visit their official website or connect with them on social media for a detailed view of their work and services

4. Terry Designs

Terry Designs is renowned as the best interior design company in Kenya, offering full-service residential and commercial interior design. With over a decade of experience, they have been operational for more than 10 years, creating spaces that perfectly reflect the unique personality and style of their clients.

Staircase Case Interior Design

The company’s expertise lies in its comprehensive approach to interior design, which includes everything from sourcing the perfect pieces for a home to providing end-to-end services that cover all aspects of creating a beautiful and functional space.

They believes that great interior design is about more than just aesthetics; it’s about creating a space that resonates with the individuality of each client. Their philosophy is to design interiors that are not only visually appealing but also practical and comfortable.

While Terry Designs is equipped to handle a variety of projects, they have a special focus on residential interiors, where they excel at bringing homeowners’ visions to life.

Services Offered:

  • Interior Design Consultation

  • Curtains and Upholstery

  • Blinds and Carpets

  • Furniture and Artwork Sourcing

For those looking to transform their space with Terry Designs, they can be reached at:

For a more in-depth look at their services and to view their extensive portfolio, please visit their official website

5. Nobili Designs

Nobili Designs is celebrated as a top-tier interior design company in Kenya, known for its luxurious and innovative design solutions. They made a significant impact on the Kenyan interior design scene with its unique approach and commitment to excellence.

Contemporary Kitchen Design

Their expertise lies in creating bespoke interiors that blend creativity with functionality. Their team of designers is adept at crafting spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and highly practical, catering to the specific needs of each client.

Their belief centers on creating unique interiors that redefine the boundaries of traditional design. They focus on personalized interiors that reflect the client’s style while meeting the highest standards of aesthetics and functionality.

They specializes in both residential and commercial spaces, with a particular emphasis on luxury homes and apartments that require a sophisticated touch.

Services Offered:

  • Residential Interior Design

  • Commercial Interior Design

  • 3D Concept Creation

  • Bespoke Furniture Design

List of Successful Projects:

  • Modern House Project in Nairobi

  • Contemporary Apartment Design in Mombasa

  • Luxurious Villa Interior in Kisumu

To collaborate with Nobili Designs or inquire about their services. For a more comprehensive understanding of their work and to view their extensive portfolio, please visit their official website or explore their residential projects

6. Planning Interiors

Planning Interiors Limited is the most established interior design firm in Nairobi, Kenya, with over 29 years of experience. Founded in 1993, the company was later acquired through a management buyout by Eugene Ngugi in December 2002. Since then, they have been at the forefront of the interior design industry, offering comprehensive design and build services for a variety of sectors.

Rustic Living Interior Design

The firm is renowned for its world-class interiors that enhance brand value and business performance. With a team comprising qualified senior and junior interior designers, graphic designers, and project managers specializing in interior fit-outs, Planning Interiors delivers brand-led design solutions with expertise and vision.

They have dedicated to transforming spaces with award-winning design excellence. Their approach is to design distinctive interior environments that enrich lives and deliver economic returns, ensuring innovative and functional design solutions that enhance brand value and business performance. Planning Interiors offers a complete range of interior design services for corporate, retail, restaurant, and hospitality projects throughout East Africa. They are leaders in creating inspired workplace interior designs and have a reputation for delivering projects that meet clients’ visions.

Services Offered

  • Interior Design Consultancy

  • Project Management

  • Turnkey Design Build

  • Feasibility Studies

  • FF&E Procurement

  • Interior Branding

List of Successful Projects

  • KWAL Greenfields Production Facility, Tatu City, Nairobi

  • EVA Pharma Nairobi Office

  • Deloitte – Nairobi Offices

  • McKinsey & Company – Nairobi offices

  • Finnfund Nairobi Office

  • Wasoko HQ – Nairobi Offices

For those interested in engaging with Planning Interiors for their interior design needs, they can be contacted at:

For a deeper insight into their services and to view their project portfolio, please visit their official website.

7. Noble Blue Limited

Noble Blue Limited is a distinguished name in the Kenyan interior design industry. As a company that prides itself on creating exceptional designs,they have established itself as a leader in the field. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is evident through their work and client feedback.

Their team is composed of seasoned interior design specialists who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to every project. Their expertise encompasses a broad range of design aspects, from conceptualization to the final touches, ensuring a comprehensive service delivery.

Their beliefs are centered around the creation of spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and reflective of the client’s lifestyle and preferences. They strive to deliver designs that are both innovative and timeless.

They focuses on a variety of sectors, with a strong portfolio in residential projects. They are dedicated to transforming living spaces into personalized havens that clients can call home.

Services Offered

  • Interior Design Consultation

  • Space Planning and Concept Development

  • Custom Furniture Design

  • Project Management and Execution

List of Successful Projects

  • Office Interiors in British Airways, Nairobi, Kenya

  • Office Interiors for World University Service of Canada, Nairobi, Kenya

  • Modern Apartment in Mombasa

For those looking to elevate their interior spaces with Noble Blue Limited, they can be reached at:

  • Contacts: +254 799 625625

  • Email:

  • Address: 3rd Floor, Room 327 Uniafric House, Koinange Street, Nairobi, Kenya

To explore more about Noble Blue Limited and their projects, please visit their official website or their social media pages for the latest updates and design inspirations

8. La Sorogeeka Interiors

La Sorogeeka Interiors, established in 1985, has been inspiring spaces with luxury interior design and fit-out solutions for over three decades. Founded with a passion for creating extraordinary interiors, La Sorogeeka has become a legacy in the design world, known for its meticulous attention to detail and commitment to excellence.

Modern Luxury Interior Design

With an exceptional expertise in handling residential and commercial spaces, La Sorogeeka Interiors is adept at carrying out highly satisfactory interior design jobs. Their team is skilled in managing projects of varying lengths and scopes, from palatial fit-outs to modern corporate offices.


Their design philosophy is rooted in the creation of interiors that are a true reflection of style and comfort. They are committed to crafting spaces that are luxurious yet practical, emphasizing space utilization and aesthetic beauty.

Specializing in the development of luxury villas and hotels across Africa, La Sorogeeka in Kenya is particularly focused on the interior design of offices, hotels, palaces, and public premises.

Services Offered

  • Luxury Interior Design

  • Fit-Out Contracting

  • Bespoke Furniture Design

  • Turnkey Interior Solutions

List of Successful Projects

  • Luxury Villa Interior in Nairobi

  • Hotel Suite Design in Mombasa

  • Executive Office Fit-Out in Kisumu

La Sorogeeka Interiors has been honored with several accolades, including:

  • Dubai’s Top 50 Homes People’s Choice Award, June 2023

  • Nominated for Fit-Out Contractor of the Year 2021 by the Index Architecture & Design Awards

To reach out to La Sorogeeka Interiors for their unparalleled design services, you can contact them through:

  • Contacts: +268 7611 6198

  • Email:

  • Address: House of Lords, Industrial Site, Mbabane, Kingdom of Eswatini

For a comprehensive look at their portfolio and to learn more about their services, please visit their official website

9. Design Forty

Design Forty is acclaimed as the best interior design company in Kenya, offering comprehensive design services that create exquisite commercial spaces and luxury residential homes. The company is celebrated for its belief that good quality design is life-enhancing, and this ethos is evident in every project they undertake. Each project is seamlessly executed and beautifully finished, showcasing their dedication to design excellence.

Their expertise lies in their ability to provide a full spectrum of design services. Their team is composed of highly skilled professionals who are committed to delivering top-notch interior design solutions. They are known for their meticulous approach to design, ensuring that every detail is considered and every space is optimized for beauty and functionality.

Design Forty revolves around the power of design to transform lives. They strive to create spaces that not only look beautiful but also enhance the well-being of the occupants. Their designs are tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of each client, ensuring a personalized and impactful design experience.

Modern Foyer Entrance

They specializes in both commercial and residential interior design. They have a strong track record of creating luxurious and comfortable living spaces that reflect the individuality of homeowners, as well as dynamic commercial environments that boost brand value and business performance.

Services Offered

  • Interior Design

  • Interior Architecture

  • Office Partitioning

  • Project Management

  • Bespoke Joinery & Furniture

  • Building & Construction

List of Successful Projects

  • Pernod Ricard

  • Takaful Insurance

  • Bic Kenya

  • MRM

  • Twiga Foods

  • UAP

For those looking to transform their spaces with Design Forty’s exceptional design services, they can be reached at:

  • Contacts: +254 724 845 201

  • Email:

  • Address: 3rd Floor Lunga Lunga Square, Nairobi – Kenya

For a more detailed exploration of their services and to view their impressive portfolio, please visit their official website

10. Milele Designs

Milele Designs, under the visionary leadership of Mercy Mutisya, has emerged as a pioneering entity in Kenya’s interior design and construction sector. The firm is adept at creating environments that are in tune with the varied lifestyles and identities of their clients, drawing on a diverse array of design influences. Mercy Mutisya, with over twenty years of distinguished experience, exhibits a keen design sensibility and a steadfast dedication to her profession. Her work portfolio is a testament to her ability to merge elegance with innovation, often leading clients to discover design possibilities they hadn’t considered before.

The origins of Milele Designs trace back to the founder’s residence, which she meticulously curated into an inviting showcase, garnering attention from her social circle and cultivating a growing base of customers. This initial triumph laid the groundwork for her flourishing career in interior design, positioning Milele Designs as a premier design consultancy in Kenya. The firm is passionate about crafting original designs and is open to a broad spectrum of design preferences, excelling in a variety of styles. Their method achieves a perfect equilibrium between striking visual appeal and detailed precision. This commitment to versatile, high-caliber design is more than just a slogan; it’s a core tenet that illustrates their dedication to the art of interior design


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