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Ray Fit Out and Interior Decor specializes in providing complete range of commercial turnkey fit out solutions for offices, retail stores, and other business related workplaces across the UAE. Catering to all sizes and scopes of projects, we have helped both start-ups and multinationals make their sales outlets and workspaces visually and functionally enhanced through state-of-the-art design features and cutting-edge technologies. 

We strive to create office environments that accurately reflect your brand’s identity while simultaneously providing an atmosphere that fosters your corporate values. 

Our turnkey retail interior fit outs are designed to deliver the optimum shopping experience to the users. We focus on understanding the psychology behind your brand and creating final products that truly reflect your brand image. Even if you are unsure about your exact needs, we can work with you to explore new ideas and bring your retail or corporate vision to life within your budget and timeline


Through specialized commercial interior fit out we enable companies to optimize efficiency, boost productivity and positively influence employee performance. We collaborate with you to realize spaces that ensure the safety and health of employees and customers.

How can we help you with office and retail Interior Fit Out?

  • Complete Range of Office and Retail Interior Fit Out Solutions in UAE

  • Customized Turnkey Commercial Transformation Services 

  • Reliable and Highly Professional Office Fit Out Contracting Team

  • Expertise in All Types of Corporate and Retailing Environments and Industries

  • Outcomes that Guarantee Efficient Space Management and Effective Resource Utilization 

  • Customized, Eye-Catching, and Attention Grabbing Retail Design and Fit Out Options to Match Your Exact Needs

  • Smart Usage of Retail Space to Ensure Convenience Of Walk-In Customers

  • Optimize Your Retail Store Layout to Ensure the Best Shopping Experience

  • Interior Outlook that Makes You Stand Out From the Crowd

  • Retail Space that Offers Comfort and Efficiency for Both Staff and Customers.


Get connected with our expert team today, and book a free consultation for your project.

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