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Carpentry & Joinery Works

Understanding the integral role of good quality carpentry and joinery works in interior fit-out services, we have developed a team of highly trained and skilled workers and artisans in our company. 

Expert in producing a wide array of wood fixtures and furnishings for residential and commercial projects, our premium quality carpentry and joinery works have proven to be a feather in the cap of our success. 

Having a workshop equipped with all the modern technologies and carpentry tools, we offer design, production, installation, repair, and uplifting of doors, window frames, counter tables, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, hotel furnishings, and all other requirements for your fit-out projects. 

Producing wooden fittings through handmade and mechanized methods, our creative woodworkers are gifted with skills passed down through generations. 

Our Carpentry and Joinery Service Expertise

  • Fire-rated doors (Certified)

  • Wooden Ceilings & Partitions

  • Kitchen Cabinets

  • Window Works

  • Installation of Wooden Fittings and Fixtures

  • Custom Made Furniture Manufacturing

  • Non-Fire-rated doors

  • Moldings wall panels

  • Wall Shelves

  • Wardrobes and Storage Cabinets

  • Wooden Floorings

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